September 2022

What is The Average Time to Sell a House in Washington, DC, in 2022

The best time to sell a house is from spring to summer, while the worst is from fall to winter. House owners and real estate teams in DC should familiarize themselves with the seasonal trends and statistics before they start preparations for selling a house. Between March to August, buyer demand outnumbers the houses for sale. Homeowners can sell their homes at a minimum of 10% above market during...

The Best Ways to Sell a House in Today’s Market

Suppose you have one of the best Washington DC luxury homes. However, you want to sell it and buy a new one that meets your current needs. If this were the case years ago, you would give up on selling your property. For starters, Washington DC luxury estates are expensive. So, it would be challenging to get an ideal offer. Some clients might lowball you or bargain their way down a few million,...

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