5 Top Real Estate Agents in Washington, DC

Real Estate Agents in Washington, DC

There are diverse real estate agents spread across the United States. A number of these professionals conduct their businesses in Washington, DC. Each has a vast knowledge of the most suitable neighborhood for you and your family, depending on your preference and budget.

Whether you plan to sell, buy, or rent properties in the state, you have to know where to look and how to start. You can take advantage of the wealth of expertise of these real estate agents to arrive at the perfect real estate decision- as an investment or to have a roof over your head.

In this post, we will discuss some of the top real estate agents in Washington, D.C.

Real Estate Options in Washington, DC

There are a few options to look into when making a real estate decision in Washington. These options include a single-family house, a rooftop view, a condo, to mention a few. As you might expect, each offers the best and most reliable amenities available. The average realtor knows about each option, and they can tailor your budget to the desirable one.

Best Real Estate Agents in Washington, DC

There are 9,161 real estate agents in Washington, DC. There are, however, some top options, and their ranking is based on performance analysis according to Top Agent Magazine, including other considerations.

The average agent does 111 transactions. The top 3% of these execute 495 transactions regarding real estate per annum. That implies that you will save time and money by understanding and choosing expertise above other things.

  • Stephen A. Raffaelli Jr.: Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Stephen is a licensed real estate agent in Alexandria, VA. He is a Berkshire Hathaway Home Services owner and a reliable real estate representative, not just a salesperson. He is renowned for real estate transactions, including other services like mortgage services, relocation, home warranty, and title and settlement services.

  • Nathan Dart- RE/MAX Realty Services

Nathan is currently ranked among the top 1% of Realtors across the United States. He has sold over $500 million in residential real estate sales. His realty company is committed to knowledge, professionalism, and service.

  • Sandy McConville- Keller Williams Alexandria- Old Town

Sandy is a specialist in helping clients get the best when it comes to the real estate business. Her real estate firm offers home staging, open house, buyer’s agent services, buyer evaluation, offer negotiation, and seller’s agent services. They boast of certified real estate professionals and being a women-owned and operated firm with 18-years in business, and they are one of the best in the state.

  • The Mandy & David Team – Compass Real Estate

Mandy and David are real estate agents with a specialty in residential home sales. They have a team of licensed professionals and assistants in their marketing department who can help provide the most comprehensive buyer and seller services for residential real estate in Washington DC.

  • Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman founded the Goodman Realtors. The real estate firm is in Bethesda, Maryland. Andrew entered the real estate space in 2004 and formed his brokerage ten years later. He has, since the time, helped commercial investors- including buyers and sellers- with residential properties in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC. His real estate company specializes in new constructions, condos, and helping first-time home buyers.

In summary, whether it is your first time buying or you are an experienced investor looking for a place to call home, with the help of the best real estate agents in Washington, DC, you can make a significant investment decision by choosing from the list of world-class and top performing agents. For your dream homes or condos, the realtors have the required expertise and knowledge to guide you accordingly and make sure you are spending your money well.

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