Carol has had the privilege of working as a realtor for over two decades, with experience in both buying and selling property throughout the DC area. With so much experience, Carol finds it easier than ever to help client’s sort through the many available properties to find the home that suits them best. After all, the home buying experience should be a positive one, as buying your dream home is a thrilling activity that most people only get to dream of. 

Above all, Carol understands the importance of neighborhood, as well as the type of property you’re looking for. After being married for 40 years and raising children in the Bethesda area, she knows better than anyone just how important good schools are and how living in a neighborhood that is family-focused and supports the community can make a house a home.

Carol explains her passion with this line: “It is my personal belief that the key to success in the real estate profession is removing the burden of selling and buying a home from the shoulders of your client.” Which is why you know when you invest your time with Carol, you’ll be receiving diligent work that is all done entirely within your interest to help you explore the best real estate opportunities in the area. Carol is a great listener and she uses this skill to build a profile on each client that helps her narrow down properties that she can introduce you to. Her methods are the sole reason why Carol is so excellent at delivering what is promised to the client and why we’re proud she’s a member of the DC Team.