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About Edward J. Heid IV

Edward J. Heid has made a name for himself among his past clients and the DC community for a variety of reasons, but mostly for the bonds he makes with each client. He’s always cherished meeting new people, but he’s motivated by his desire to help those people find meaningful solutions to their problems. He readily accomplishes this through helping people find their dream homes in the DC area and interacting with his community on a regular basis. The DC Team is proud to have such a motivated and driven individual on our team of agents. His dedication to his clients is a model we instill in every part of our work.

Edward J. Heid, IV is a Realtor® who has spent decades helping people in different roles. His experience dates back to when he was in the service industry, and it even extends to his recent transition to interior design and home furnishings. Edward loves architecture and houses. He also cherishes meeting new people and helping them to find meaningful solutions for their needs. Edward’s motivation is working in his community to make clients happy and help them find and create a welcoming home.

Before deciding to join The DC Team at Long & Foster in Washington, DC, Edward worked in high-end retail and home furnishings, including design services. Prior to his career in interior design and home furnishings, Edward spent several years working in the fine-dining restaurant industry. Through this work, he improved the agility and quick reflexes that helped him to stay on top of the rapidly changing and demanding business.

For the decades he worked in the customer service sector, Heid managed to develop excellent skills, especially in interactions with clients. He can make the stressful experiences of finding the right home or marketing a property more pleasant and tranquil. Edward achieves this by helping people to focus and relax, while also guiding them to make the best decisions that suit their needs. His key strengths are a desire for harmony, a skill for empathy, and adaptability to rapidly changing situations. Edward has a highly ingrained focus on responsibility towards those he works with and he acts with deliberation in all of his endeavors.

Edward is a lifelong resident of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. Through the years, he has lived in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and various parts of DC. He currently lives in Capitol Hill.

Edward enjoys several activities outside his profession. He loves animals and has taken dogs and cats in for several years. He is a volunteer for the Humane Rescue Alliance, where he takes sheltered dogs out for a weekly run. Heid enjoys yoga, swimming, and high-intensity workouts.

If you would like to work with Edward Heid, then contact The DC Team at Long & Foster today. We are ready to help you find the right home in the area or sell your current home in Washington, DC.

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     Edward was a true joy to work with! He worked incredibly hard for me, and was very patient, professional, and organized throughout the whole process. He took in my search parameters, and was very thoughtful and creative in presenting potential homes for me to consider. Edward has a great interior design eye, so when looking at homes together, he was very helpful in thinking through potential uses for a given space or how a room might be utilized to fit my needs. I felt very well taken care of with Edward’s customer service. I highly recommend him!

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    Ed was extremely hands-on throughout the entire process and did an amazing job. He was patient and generous with his time and made himself available around the clock as needed. We faced some very specific hurdles that could have blocked us from getting the place we really wanted and he went above and beyond to problem-solve for us. We absolutely recommend him for anyone looking for an agent.

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    Anne B.

    My husband and I recently left our long-time home in Greenville, SC to put down roots near family and a new grandchild in DC. Edward Heid of Long & Foster helped guide our journey both as a competent agent, as well as a delightful companion. In the initial phase of touring properties, Edward was patient, knowledgeable, and always going the extra mile to research & provide additional information to help provide context for our consideration. Both Edward and his partner Deborah Cheshire were always quick to respond to questions, give advice based on long experience, or provide local service providers as required. For example, they provided insightful perspective on the general inspection report and organized additional roofing inspection and a repair bid to adjust our contract price accordingly.. Edward provided help and support throughout our process, which fell in the midst of the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic, including new owner’s walkthrough (we were selling our property in SC), lining up and working with our mortgage lender, as well as providing the closing attorney. He and Deboral even surprised us at the end of the closing meeting (all of us in masks, of course!) with a bottle of champagne, having travelled considerable distance to wish us well in our new home. At each stage of finding and settling into our new nest outside Warrenton, VA, Edward time and time again patiently and pleasantly smoothed our way, helping to make this transition as easy as possible.

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