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While it may not be the first place people consider when looking for extravagant housing, Arlington has numerous neighborhoods that are perfect for luxurious real estate. Whether you would like to live close to The Pentagon or farther west, Arlington has options for elegant living.


Located in Northern Virginia and just west of Washington, DC, Arlington has a long history of providing luxurious and elegant housing to residents.

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Whether you prefer to live in an Arlington neighborhood with easy access to the nation’s capital or an area with more seclusion, The DC Team can help you find the right property.


Between the historical landmarks, prominent government buildings, restaurants, shopping centers, and the natural scenery of Northern Virginia, Arlington has plenty of amenities to help its residents flourish.



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Find A Luxury House In Arlington

Rated as the #1 Best Place to Live in the United States in 2020 by, inquiries for Arlington County Virginia property search have become our most frequent request for luxury home buyers looking for options outside of DC. This along with a number of factors accelerated by the pandemic have led to overall strong growth in the county throughout the last 10+ months. Not typically known as a go-to area for extravagant housing, Arlington has been seeing its moment as of late with numerous neighborhoods that are perfect for luxurious real estate options. 

Home to both exciting commercial districts teeming with shopping centers, nightlife, great restaurants, and a great urban feel, as well as more modest residential neighborhoods that have a small-town charm. Arlington Virginia certainly has a multitude of options for the upscale home buyer. Add in a county-wide redevelopment plan centered around one of the best public transportation systems in the country for an increasing livable city. The Arlington municipality aims to create a more accessible city where one can live, work, shop, and more all without the need for a car. The announcement of this initiative has increased values on real estate assessments in anticipation of its completion.

Multiple attractive neighborhood options across the 26-mile expanse of Arlington County provide a range of housing and lifestyle options. Arlington’s notoriety has consistently spurred local interest along with its recent national attention. Receiving high scores for index rankings such as housing trends, low crime, quality public schools, affordable cost of living, plentiful job opportunities, and local amenities. Seven of’s top 10 spots were awarded to Arlington neighborhoods in 2020.


Arlington, Virginia is a unique locale, featuring a range of options for luxury lifestyle choices, in a mix of livable communities. The main draw being the close proximity to Washington D.C., and the stable job market, however nearby area attractions as well add to its desirability. The main selling point for our realtors includes the quick 55-minute drive from downtown out to Chesapeake Beach, a wonderful weekend coastal getaway. A bit further down the road (approximately 3 hrs) is Virginia Beach. If the mountains are more of interest, the Appalachians are within reach as well, making Arlington, Virginia a central location for the weekend warrior.

Located in Northern Virginia and just west of Washington, DC, Arlington has a long history of luxurious and attractive real estate options. Stunning waterfront condos that provide a ‘big-city’ atmosphere along the West bank of the Potomac River. Charming inland suburbs act as bedroom communities for the DC work crowd. Arlington County stands out as one of the nation’s top destinations because of the variety of offerings among many other alluring features. The recent focus on Arlington has also been a catalyst for Washington Metro’s major growth spurt as of late as well. Add in fabulous public and private schools, an extremely low unemployment rate (the lowest of the region and less than half the national average), arguably one of the nations’ best public transport system, plus a stable and evergreen job market due, and see why Arlington, VA is an investor’s dream.

On top of all that, Arlington’s newest resident business, Amazon, has recently announced that it will establish a new headquarters in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington. The economic impact of this development will provide phenomenal benefits to the area. The new headquarter is expected to create a minimum of 25,000 high-wage jobs and result in an economic impact of around $15 billion by 2030.

As alluring as the prospects of the future of Arlington may hold, the historic past and cultural significance are as well not lost on those who call the place home. Dating back to some of the earliest colonial settlers and home to massive tobacco plantations, Arlington County represents a dynamic and unique mix of architecture as well. In real estate terms, this provides options for buyers to range from modern condo’s with floor to ceiling glass walls, to Colonial estates with expansive landscapes.


Arlington is often referenced to as either North or South county and further categorized by neighborhoods located above and below Route 50. We see the well-established and affluent enclaves of the North, consistently requested. Neighborhoods such as Country Club Hills, also known as “Old Arlington,” is a wonderful place to take refuge from the crowds of the city and known for the expansive multi-million-dollar homes.

Enjoy luxury and lifestyle in Arlington’s wealthiest neighborhood Clarendon, known as a hub for live music, and home to extravagant luxury residences. Or chose beautiful and central Bluemont,’s #1 rated neighborhood for 2020. Sitting just west of Glebe Road, Bluemont features a combination of a lively nightlife scene, plenty of dining options, and five top-ranked schools, including McKinley Elementary School. If you are looking for a new construction home, Bluemont has some of the most recently built construction homes in Arlington.

North Arlington, because of its limited inventory can be a bit more challenging to find that perfect nest, we see more buyers being drawn to the number of up-and-coming communities to the South. Check out the Columbia Pike corridor situated right between the border of Pentagon City and Bailey’s Crossroads. Columbia Pike is a residential hub and currently under a Revitalization Project, making it an urban hotspot for families and young professionals. Or for a more outgoing community-centric lifestyle, take a look at Ashton Heights, located in the heart of Arlington. Centered around the newly renovated Ballston Quarter, a town hub for all thing’s food and entertainment.

Top Reasons To Purchase In Arlington

#1 – Access to Washington, D.C.

Due to the proximity to the U.S. capitol – Arlington, Virginia is a prime spot for families and working professionals looking for a mix of business and pleasure. A stable economy provides lucrative careers, which supports a strong real estate market, and hosts vibrant communities with active social scenes. Due to the recent growth in residential offerings, a buyer can find any type of accommodation that fits their budget and lifestyle preference.

#2 – A Strong Real Estate Market

The covid-19 pandemic has disrupted markets around the globe, yet real estate has surprisingly thrived in this current climate. Arlington, Virginia has seen record-setting real estate assessments for single-family homes and condos and shows no signs of slowing down. Coupled with tax-friendly local laws, that allow for some of the lowest property taxes in the country, buyers can often expect to pay less than 1% of the property value per year. Now is the time to start your Arlington county Virginia property search and start building equity in your dream home today.

#3 – The City is Undergoing a Massive Redevelopment

We see this as a key indicator of future growth within the county, and a major draw for anyone looking to invest or plant roots in the area. The massive redevelopment effort in the city has prompted Arlington County to commit more than $220 million for transportation improvements plus has seen several private developers show interest in the redevelopment of key areas in the city as well. We predict a significant appreciation of real property and real estate investment properties in the area in the next decade.

#4 – Wide Variety of Property Types

Arlington’s real estate market is quite diverse, with a wide mix of accommodation styles scattered throughout the county. Quite neighborhoods with kid friend single-family homes are located in desirable upscale neighborhoods. While more urban-centric condos along the Potomac give a big city feeling. A mix of modern and Colonial can be found throughout, offering a range of options for an investment buyer or the career resident.

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