Luxury Real Estate in Washington DC Area

While other American cities focus their pride and strength in commerce and the money they make from their tall towers of steel and glass, Washington DC is different. Here, power is a measure of influence and access; it’s more about achievements than money.

Luxury Real Estate in Washington DC Area

The DC Team’s Luxury Real Estate listing in the Washington DC area boasts of several luxury homes, including apartments, penthouses, vacation homes, mansions, trendy condos, lake homes, luxury retreats, ski chalets, villas, and other lifestyle options.

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We are your resource to buy Luxury Real Estate Washington DC in neighborhoods along the Wisconsin Avenue and Connecticut Avenue, including homes in neighborhoods like Cleveland Park, Georgetown, Woodley Park, Foxhall, Massachusetts Avenue Heights, and Chevy Chase in Maryland. Each region has its charm and access to easy public transportation, and also easy walkability to restaurants and shops.

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With your price, amenities, square footage, specific neighborhood, and other criteria, you can filter your search, get right down to your choice. You can also save the searches and get new listing sent to your inbox daily, weekly, or based on your preference. If you need to get in touch with a professional, we have licensed real estate agents with their contact information and an online contact form displayed next to the listing.

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We give you more than only Washington DC Area Real Estate listings. You also get instant access to all relevant information about licensed real estate in Washington DC with pictures, maps, property descriptions, and even virtual tours.

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Our property experts are here to help you, 24/7, in your DC real property search. From Washington DC to Maryland and Virginia, our experts will satisfy all your luxury real estate needs.


Rapidly Growing DC Suburban Communities

From the homes to the condos, Washington DC has a reputation for its classy properties – which could be of a traditional style or cutting-edge modernistic designs like the New York coops. Some home buyers enjoy the influence of living side-by-side with well-known politicians’ others prefer to stay secluded.

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If you need to get in touch with a professional, we have licensed real estate agents with their contact information and an online contact form displayed next to the listing.

For both high-end condos to single-family infill lots, reach out to The DC Team’s Luxury Real Estate experts for information on Washington DC luxury real estate for sale or even schedule a private home tour if you’d like.


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With your price, amenities, square footage, specific neighborhood, and other criteria, you can filter your search, get right down to your choice. You can also save the searches and get new listing sent to your inbox daily, weekly, or based on your preference.

Prestigious Properties of Kalorama of Washington DC

The prestigious west side of Kalorama of Washington DC, known for the surrounding century Federal-style properties and Rock Creek Park exposures.

Kalorama of Washington DC

10 Reasons Why We Have the Best Washington DC Luxury Real Estate Listings Around

If you’ve been wondering about the most important things to look out or a guide to buying a home in Washington DC, we’re perfect for you. As numerous factors determine your investment, we help you find the right one for you and also guide you all the way; that’s why we’re the best.

With every real estate purchase, location is critical. It continues to be the most important factor and determinant if the property is profitable to you or not. As some home buyers prefer proximity to amenities, scenic views, green spaces, others rank the status of value on neighborhood factors like proximity to residential property valuations.

You might want a luxury property that is close to the market, freeway, warehouses, or transport hubs. Regardless of the factor, when you plan to buy Washington DC luxury real estate, we help you find properties in areas that are expected to evolve over the period.

Our experts review the ownership and intended usage of other houses in the neighborhood to avoid current peaceful areas around residential buildings that may someday become noisy manufacturing factories that diminish the value of your potential home.

Most homebuyers prefer always to have a plan for financing during purchase. Not only for the purchase, but the valuation of the property also helps to have proper arrangements for the investment analysis and payment of insurance policy.

Three valuation methods often used for our Washington DC Real Estate Listings include:

  • Sales comparison approach: Here, a comparison between the prices of recent sales of properties with similar characteristics determines the price. It works for both old and new properties.
  • Cost approach: This is another method where we use the cost of the land and construction without depreciation to get the value. This method works for new structures.
  • Income approach: Now, this approach is based on the expected cash inflow for rentals.

With a full understanding of the high-value investment and low liquidity in real estate, and to avoid unexpected situations like financial distress, especially mortgage issues, it’s necessary to have clarity on the purpose of the purchase.

People go into real estate for several purposes, such as:

  • Buy and self-use: These save on rentals as you benefit from the self-utilization of your property. There is also value appreciation over time.
  • Buy and lease: For this, you may want to hire a property manager after your purchase if you don’t have the temperament to play the landlord’s role. Regardless, you get regular income and long-term value appreciation. Some of the tasks your property manager helps with are to handle possible disputes, legal issues, repair work, manage the tenants, and several other roles.
  • Short-term buy and sell: You get to make small to medium profit very fast. Most purchases like this are for properties that are under construction and sold at a profit on completion.
  • Long-term buy and sell: Some intend their purchase to have massive value appreciation and meet up with long-term plans like college tuition, retirement, and other crucial expenses.

Our licensed real estate experts make it their responsibility to ensure the property you get meets your aim.

Expected cash flow is the money you should have left even after paying all the expenses. Based on the type of property you want to buy in Washington DC, there are certain modes of profit you are likely to get. Landlords get benefits from inflations on rentals since the cash flow comes from rental income.

There are other modes like expected increase in intrinsic value from long term price appreciation, cost-benefit analysis of mortgaged loans vs. appreciation, cost-benefit analysis of renovation before sales to get a better price.

The benefits of depreciation and tax benefits also contribute to positive cash flow. What we do is keep you informed on the possibilities of getting positive cash flow and assist you in achieving a reasonable rate of return on your investment.

Even while buying luxury real estate in Washington DC, some purchases are made on inconvenient loans that come at a high cost. This would mean home buyers have to commit their future incomes to pay for the property and cost of interest.

For most people, their ability to pay depends on current or expected future earning. To be safe, considerations like the type of mortgage, and the mortgage’s terms and conditions need to be sorted. To handle this nature of loans, get a maximum benefit, and avoid pitfalls, we concern ourselves with helping you hunt around for a better bargain, lower interest rates, and better terms.

Furthermore, we ensure that you get a skilled negotiator to would keep you from the pitfalls that several first-time home buyers fall into and also get your money’s worth from the deal.

Typically, new constructions come with attractive pricing, more modern amenities, and options to customize. But there are could also be risks like delays and increased costs. Existing properties, on the other hand, have faster access, established improvements, and in several cases, lower costs.

However, regardless of the age of the Washington DC luxury real estate you aim for, we recommend only the reputable construction companies for new constructions and guide you as you review the deeds, survey, and appraisal reports for existing properties. We ensure that only quality items like furniture, equipment, or fixtures are part of the sales. We also put into consideration the maintenance costs, taxes, and outstanding dues, so as not to severely impact your cash flow.

Sometimes there’s more to managing physical properties in Washington DC over the long-term; not everyone can do this. With other alternatives like Real estate investment trust, real estate company stock, mortgage bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and mutual funds, you can indirectly invest in real estate. Reach out to any one of our licensed real estate agents today and know how we can help you.

Getting a higher credit score is quite important since your credit score determines whether you qualify for the mortgage or not. It also affects the terms your mortgage company offers you. With time, a better term may add up to substantial savings. Some pointers that can assist you to increase your credit score include:

  • Paying your monthly bills via auto payments or reminder
  • Down payment of debts
  • 30% credit utilization or less
  • Leave unused credit card that you’re not paying annual fees valid
  • Limit your requests for new credits or hard inquiries
  • Review your credit reports and dispute any inaccuracies.

We want to make it easy for you, so with our extensive knowledge of Washington DC real estate and other related dealings, we can help you identify the ways to build your credit score.

Asides from helping you find your dream homes, anytime you are looking to move to other regions, we can help you sell your current home and find you a new and attractive one in the location of your choice.

Before deciding on the best way to find the right buyer for your home, we would give you full access to our marketing and staging knowledge, where you can see the numerous techniques we’ve used across the years and make your choice.

The real estate markets fluctuate, and to profit from other types of real estate investments, you need to buy low and sell when it’s high. Information on these changes in Washington DC is not what you might get anywhere, but talking to our licensed real estate experts can help.

We give you up-to-date information on home prices and home sales, new constructions, foreclosures, property inventory, flipping activities, and mortgage rates so that you can lower your financing costs.

Investing in DC Real Estate to Broaden Your Portfolio

Even when significant assets and stocks are down, real estate is in a class of its own. Real estate is a sound investment; it’s often up.


Steady Cash Flow


Competitive Risk-Adjusted Returns


Substantial Appreciation


Tax Advantages

Let Our Real Estate Specialist Help You

Just like other investments, it’s necessary to get opinions from experts and consider some factors. This is where we come in; The DC Team is here to keep you informed and help you with all your dealing related to real estate in Washington DC.

Contact us when you plan to invest in real estate in Washington DC or opt for physical property. There are several ways we can help you.

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