The DC Team is completely aware of the architectural accomplishments that have graced the DC area. Certainly, Virginia and even Maryland are still home to some of the most impressive architectural improvements and expressions from the 18th century onward. However, there’s some architecture you just can’t find on this side of the pond. Indeed, other countries have other styles of architecture, other cultures and a variety of other boons to offer a person who might choose to obtain a residence there and throw themselves into a foreign land. Luckily, we can easily help you acquire that property.

If you’ve recently traveled somewhere you’ve simply fallen in love with, the DC Team can help you explore real estate opportunities befitting you and your family’s needs and standards. Through our partnership with Christie’s International Real Estate, we can help you explore the possibilities of starting up a whole new life in another country, or simply finding the perfect vacation home for your time away.

The listed properties available on Christie’s are known for their exceptional nature and are available around the globe. Whatever destination you have in mind, whether it’s an apartment across from the Eiffel Tower or a private island escape somewhere in the Philippines, we can find you the perfect property for your needs.

Reach out to the DC Team to find out more about our buying and selling process, our relocation services and our partnership with Christie’s and how we can help you find the property you’ve always dreamt of. Contact us today to get to know our agents, schedule an initial consultation, and take the first step to buying the property of your dreams. We’re eager to get started with you.