Finding the home you’ve always dreamed of is no easy task. You need a team of experienced and capable individuals at your back to ensure that you get more than just the bay window and breakfast nook, you get the home you’ve always wanted in DC. 

Luckily, the DC Team at Long & Foster is armed with a team that boasts over 25 years of experience. Our expertise ensures that you’re going to the table with a skilled negotiator who ensures that you get your money’s worth and protects you from any pitfalls that are common for first time home buyers. Our extensive knowledge of the area and the property types around DC is at your beck-and-call so that you can be sure that you’re exploring properties that aren’t only in your price range but are in the location you’re most attracted to. 

Plus, the DC Team is proudly licensed in many other areas around DC, so if you’re looking to move to another region, we can assist you with selling and finding a new home elsewhere. The DC Team is very comfortable with assisting with all types of relocation, whether you’re moving to or from the DC area. 

If you’re in the market to sell, you’ll have access to our full marketing and staging knowledge and the numerous techniques we’ve trialed throughout the years before settling on a few superior ways to find you the perfect buyer for your home.