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When it comes to luxury real estate near Washington, DC, Bethesda might be the perfect place.


Located Northwest of Washington, DC, Bethesda is a gorgeous urban area featuring a multitude of restaurants and retailers, as well as a thriving culture dedicated to arts and entertainment.

Luxury Homes

When looking for luxury real estate close to Washington, DC, the community of Bethesda certainly deserves your consideration. This beautiful urban community is home to more than 1,200 trees and a thriving downtown area. Bethesda is a wonderful place to live and own property, and The DC Team can help you find the perfect place in Bethesda for your needs.


Home to more than 15 private schools and a downtown area dedicated to arts and entertainment, Bethesda can meet the diverse needs of the people that live there. Whether you decide to take part in one of the numerous community events or eat at a renowned restaurant, Bethesda has plenty of activities to enjoy.



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Bethesda, Maryland might be just the place for you. Contact The DC Team to learn more about our listings in Bethesda and to find out if it is the right community for you.

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Get the Best Real Estate Investment Properties in Bethesda With The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate

Real estate in America is considered one of the best investments you can make. It’s a long-term investment that yields profit over time. Numerous people have accumulated their wealth by merely investing in real estate.

Did you know that there are over two million real estate agents in the United States? Just in Florida alone, since 2000, the number of Realtors has tripled from 67,000 to 180,000. Most of these real estate agents make their money through commissions on houses sold.

Furthermore, hiring a real estate agent is one of the best ways to find the best property and the house that suits you and your family. Also, 71% of realtors specialize in residential real estate. This simply implies that home buyers who employ realtors are more likely to get houses in urban neighborhoods and serene residential estates for a reasonable amount.

There are multiple benefits of employing a real estate agent. Not only do they pay attention to details, but they are also at the helm of every real estate transaction. Home buying is tasking, have, but with realtors on your side, negotiation becomes easy.

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Here are other benefits of employing a real estate agent:

  • Realtors Pay Attention to Detail: They review documents and sort out the paperwork.
  • Real Estate Agents Possess a Wealth of Experience: They possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to buy and sell houses.
  • They Save Time and Energy: The fastest and easiest way to purchase a house is through a realtor.
  • Realtors are Always at the Top of Market Trends: They can educate you on the factors involved in buying a house. Additionally, they keep you updated on current market trends/conditions.
  • Professional Advice and Network: Real estate agents can offer the best advice on buying and selling homes. They can also connect you with real estate giants in the industry.

Homebuyers who choose to ride solo can be disadvantaged. Looking for a house alone can be fatiguing and mentally-draining. But with a real estate agent, you don’t have to worry about engaging in the strenuous activities that come with home buying.

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Life in Bethesda:

Bethesda in Maryland is a small community that houses diverse people. The city mostly consists of young people. This is certainly because of its numerous festivals, events, shows, and art galleries.

Life in Bethesda is relatively easy and affordable. Although the small town is just outside Washington, DC, Bethesda citizens earn the same wages as the people in the Capitol. There’s a wide range of job opportunities in the city, ranging from sectors such as Software, Healthcare, Finance, and Defense. 

Bethesda houses some of the best and exquisite neighborhoods in the United States. One that will undoubtedly sweep you off your feet is Fort Sumner, a region named after the Civil war fort and renowned for block parties. Other luxury neighborhoods in Bethesda include Parkview, Mohican Hills. 

However, the cost of living in Bethesda is outrageously absurd; after all, most of the neighborhoods are filled with luxury homes. According to RentCafe, the average rent in Bethesda is $2,400 for 916 square feet. Compared to the US median home value of $227,000, Bethesda’s median home value is $877,00- four times US median home value. 

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From Washington DC To Maryland And Virginia, Our Experts Will Satisfy All Your Luxury Real Estate Needs.

Let Us Help You Find A Luxury Home In Bethesda:

Although the cost of living in Bethesda is expensive, we can help you find a luxurious and distinctively affordable home in Bethesda. There are numerous Bethesda real estate agents, but you can trust The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate. 

The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate consists of top real estate agents in Bethesda, MD. We strongly prioritize our customers’ needs and work relentlessly to finding the perfect luxury home for you in Bethesda. 

There are multiple properties for sale in Bethesda. Most of these properties are expensive, but by partnering with the DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate, we can help you secure a luxurious home for an affordable fee. 


Benefits Of Doing Business With Us.


The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate covers all locations in Bethesda. We’re real estate agents committed to providing top-notch services to our customers in any location of their choice. Your choice, our duty.

Luxury Homes

The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate is established to provide you with the best of the best in Bethesda. Whether you require a 5 Bedroom apartment with 3 bathrooms or an 8 Bedroom with 12 bathrooms and a pool, The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate got you covered!


From Fort Sumner in South Bethesda to the modern homes in Mohican Hills, the DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate has covered all neighborhoods. You can rely on us to provide you with modern and first-class properties across all regions in Bethesda.

Reason You Should Trust The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate For Your Luxury Real Estate Search

When hiring a real estate agent or company, they must be well experienced and adept in the industry. The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate comprises registered, licensed, and skilled realtors who help people buy and sell real estate. We are uniquely set up to attend to your housing needs. We do this by merging our wealth of experience into providing the best real estate option for you. 

We are committed to providing our services in multiple locations. The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate prioritizes the needs of their customers irrespective of the location. 

One thing we guarantee for our customers is getting the right location for the right amount. We are passionately relentless during negotiation. Our negotiation skills are designed to get the best out of a deal for our customers. 

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