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Are you looking to purchase luxury real estate near Washington, DC? Consider purchasing a home in Great Falls, Virginia! Located approximately 20 miles from Washington, DC, Great Falls grants spectacular views as well as easy access to the nation’s capital.


Great Falls is a beautiful community located along the Potomac River, approximately 20 miles northwest of Washington, DC It primarily features residential areas with luxury houses and single-family homes, but the history and landscape of Great Falls makes it unique.

Luxury Homes

The combination of stately real estate, history, and fantastic outdoor scenery makes it easy to see why Great Falls is a community of choice among the top earners of Washington, DC Be sure to check out the luxury listings from The DC Team to see if Great Falls is right for you!


Living in the Great Falls, Virginia, offers residents a peaceful and rural feel, with loads of great restaurants, coffee shops, good schools, and parks. Studies show that Great Falls is safer than the majority of cities and towns in America, with a lower crime rate than 91% of the communities in Virginia.



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Great Falls, Virginia, has a population of about 15,394 people and three constituent neighborhoods. It is ranked as the 54th largest community in Virginia.


It includes a work-force of 92.67% people, fully employed. Nevertheless, it’s a place filled with educated Americans who have masters degrees, MD, and PhDs. You have business owners, field specialists, managers, and people in sales, all residing there.


The common language spoken here is English, and it has a high percentage of people living here who were born from another country.

Household Income

The average household income is $311,915 and a per-capita income of $101,577. Great Falls, Virginia, is a wealthy neighborhood and is rated among the most expensive areas to live in the US. In all of these, it’s a friendly neighborhood, fit for starting a family and raising kids.


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Luxury Real Estates in Great Falls, Virginia

It often happens that citizens portray certain characters defined by the state in which they live. The official Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia represents the state’s values of heroism, freedom, righteousness, and valor triumphing over all tyrannical adversaries. This reputation is personified as a vibrant heritage and also in the characters of the Virginians.

Over two centuries after helping to frame the United States Constitution, Virginia continues its pioneering ways by maintaining and being the home to some top-ranking universities.

A perfect representation of the state’s natural beauty ranges north from the nation’s capital, through the sophisticated estates of Richmond, to the majestic waterfall residence of Virginia Beach on the other side.

Now Great Falls, Virginia, is still ranked as the 54th largest community in Virginia and home to over 15,000 people with three constituents. One of the strengths of this vicinity comes from the intellectual rating of the Americans that live here. Most Virginians here have MD, PhDs, master’s degrees and are fully employed.

Luxury Estates in Virginia

It’s almost impossible to talk about Virginia luxury homes without mentioning the state’s rich culture and beauty that serves as the back home of real estate in Virginia. With business owners, managers, field specialists, and people in sales residing here, the place is welcoming to people born from other countries.

Great falls is one of the top places to live in Virginia. The location is along the Potomac River, which is about 20 miles northwest of Washington, DC. Great Falls, Virginia, is a beautiful community featuring residential areas with single-family homes and luxury houses.

It’s a community with a rich history, grand traditions, and superb recreational and cultural amenities for entire families. Great Falls, Virginia, offers friendly and wealthy neighborhoods suitable to start a family and raise kids.

Even though English is the common language, many people living in Virginia have origins from other countries. However, Virginia is still one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. If you are interested in top Virginia luxury real estate, you probably should start your search here.

Value of Great Falls, Virginia Luxury Real Estate

A unique landscape dignifies Great Falls as one of the most recognized locations for Virginia luxury homes. This neighborhood offers real estate for sale, including townhomes, condos, and single-family homes. There are also available commercial properties.

The median value of homes in Great Falls is almost three times higher than that of other towns. It’s a lovely and family-friendly community with lots of conveniences and the right place you want to go if you wish for top-end properties that reach the eight-figure territories.

Great falls offer an unlimited luxury setting in the form of expansive homes on estate-sized lots in a location close to the Northern Virginia commercial corridors. Here, there’s always something for almost every category of luxury.

  • For those that delight in lots of entertainment, the luxury homes in this neighborhood have large floor plans and grand floor opening.

  • There are properties directly on the Potomac River with expansive views across the waterway that are incredibly pleasing for residence.

  • Those that prefer the luxurious equestrian lifestyle have accommodation opportunities here also.

Regardless of how fast the Great Falls, Virginia gets occupied, there will always be a luxury estate for sale, which may spend the average 70 days on the market. You would also like to know that a larger percentage of the homes are owned than the rented or vacant property.

Some of the recommended top neighborhoods near Great Falls, Virginia, include Central Rockville, West Rockville, Ashburn Village, West Side, and Old Courthouse. Other neighboring cities like Fairfax, McLean, Vienna, Alexandria, and Washington offer family homes like three bedrooms for sale.

Why you’ll love Great Falls, Virginia

Great falls may be close to Washington, DC, but it’s an entire world from it all. It’s a peaceful environment and one of the best places to live in Virginia.

For an environment with high-end real estate for sale, Great Falls gives a rural feel with lots of restaurants, parks, good schools, and coffee shops. It’s a community filled with life and the home to some of the highly-rated public schools. The streets are usually peaceful with a low noise level, and most residents here own their homes.

Studies show that the crime rate in Great Falls is 91% lower than that of other Virginia communities when it comes to safety. It’s safer than most towns and cities in America.

Many Great Falls luxury homes in Virginia offer features like tennis courts, extensive landscaped terraces and decks, swimming pools, multi-car garage, pools with pool houses, an upgraded interior and exterior features, expansive and upgraded interior floorplans for entertaining, and additional privacy and security features. Now, what’s not to love about Great Falls, Virginia homes?

With the combination of fascinating history, stately real estate, and beautiful outdoor sceneries, it’s easy to see why Great Falls, Virginia luxury real estate is a choice of some top-earners of Washington, DC.

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With exceptional industry knowledge and experience combined with an outstanding team, The DC Team is one of the nation’s trusted and leading providers of Great Falls, Virginia real estate for sale.

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We aim at helping you save your precious time and efforts and make house hunting easy for you, so much that you can close on specific neighborhoods and locate city features that you may want close by.

Your home is an important asset, so you need the best team to buy and sell your properties. Be sure to contact our realtors and check out our real estate listing if you plan to buy or sell luxury estates in Virginia.

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