Here at The DC Team, we know better than anyone just how much access to good reliable data can change a situation. More importantly, we know exactly how crucial that is in regard to making an advised real estate decision. That’s why we go out of our way to access as many different housing market metrics and reports for as many locations in the area as we can. 


After you’ve had an initial consultation with your real estate agent and discussed what you’d like most in a home, you can start to explore the information we’ve collected about certain areas that you’ve shown an interest in. While choosing a neighborhood with good schools is important, so is choosing an area that’s increasing in popularity and has evidence of prices for real estate steadily rising in the area. Metrics such as these can help you make a determination on what sort of risk you’ll be taking in regard to every property you look at. 


Our reports collect facts for you to browse through such as active inventory information, units sold, median sale prices, and the average amount of days on the market for each area. Your real estate agent can then freely advise on what the market trends are leaning toward, if it would be wise to buy in the area and if there are other, similar areas that don’t pose as much of a risk for an investment. 


Let’s ensure that your luxury real estate property is a safe purchase before we jump. Reach out to us today to start your initial consultation and start discussing the market metrics you need to know and understand in order to make the right decision. Reach out today.

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