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Realtor® , The DC Team

The DC Team Serve 4 Different Types of Clients

Want to Sell Their House

When you have to sell a luxury home, especially at a location like Washington, DC, the market might seem to be a bit different for you. The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate will optimize your market to fit your needs and ensure that your expectations from selling your high-end property are met.

Want to Buy A House

The luxury market is exclusive, so we are careful in our dealings, ensuring that we present your property to the right people and in the most appealing manner. Our years of activities in the market means we know just the right places to go and how to find the perfect fit for you.

Put Up Their House for Rent

It is common knowledge that the higher your property’s rent, the smaller the set of people that can afford it. If it isn’t done right, your property could be left on the listings for too long without getting the right click. This is why you need to work with the best Washington, DC luxury real estate agents.

Looking for Houses to Rent​

If it’s your first time dealing with the luxury property market in Washington, DC, it would be understandable if you are wary of the market. The general notion is that you won’t have a large buyer pool and that prospective buyers become smaller as the house price rises. The DC Team is here to help.

Luxury Property Agents for All Real Estate Buyers and Sellers


The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate is staffed with a team of experienced and competent Washington, DC luxury real estate agents

Dedicated to ensuring that we get the best deals for owners of luxury houses in Washington, DC who are looking to sell or rent out their homes.


We also serve the renters and buyers of luxury property looking to get their dream houses.

So, it doesn’t matter which side you are on. Your interests are well protected as long as you have us on your side.


Our goal is to ensure that the buyers, sellers, and renters of luxury property are happy.

We have served our clients consistently in this manner for a long time. This is only possible because we have a team of highly trained real estate agents who look out for their clients’ interests.

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Serving Washington DC • Maryland • Virginia • International


The luxury property market is one of the most exclusive out there as it caters only to a particular class of people. Taking you into an elite kind of Experience. We Care for you.


Selling your luxury real estate to the right people and for the right price or buying one that meets all your needs might be challenging if you do not know how the market works.


This is why you need The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate to take care of your interests as you venture into this high-end market. The Luxury Real Estate Agents You Need in Washington, DC

We Have All You Need

To be successful in this market, you need to work with realtors that have proven experience in the Washington, DC luxury market. This would mean that they have everything that you need to navigate the market correctly.

We Will Get you What You Want!

Our knowledge of the Washington, DC luxury real estate market is immense and will come into play when you put us on the field to get you what you want. One of the worst things that can happen to you is getting stuck with a house you hate after spending a lot of money to buy or rent it.

Underselling your Home can be Frustrating

Moreover, it is frustrating to undersell your home, and wish you could have asked for more. Having it on the listing for what seems like forever without getting any buyers is also frustrating.

Are You Buying a Luxury Home in Washington, DC?


Being a luxury home means that it has some of the best landscapes, impressive architecture, and state-of-the-Art appliances.

Going into the luxury property market as a buyer means that you’re looking to spend your money to get some well-deserved luxury. Your should provide enough space for your needs.


It Should be Worth the Price

Before you settle on a luxury home to provide you and your family a serene and wonderful environment to live in for years, you have to make sure that it’s what you want, and it’s worth the price.


Our team of dedicated agents will ensure that you make the best choice with the financial resources at your disposal.

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What About Renting a Luxury Home in Washington, DC?

There are two types of people that fall under this category: those putting the luxury home up for rent and those renting the luxury home. One thing is evident in both cases – you need real estate agents to help you complete the deal.

We will Help Find Tenants

If you have a luxury home that you’re putting up for rent in Washington, DC, then you’ll need a Washington, DC luxury realtor to help you look for trustworthy tenants that you can hand over the house to for the time being. This is a good idea if you own a luxury home that you don’t live in.

Add Value through Rentals

This way, you’ll be able to make money from owning the house and recouping some of the amounts you spent to buy it, instead of just leaving the house to lie fallow. It will be able to add value to you through rentals. It isn’t much involved in renting the home out for a short while.

Impeccable Management

We will take joy in managing your house on your behalf while you attend to other important matters. Our services are impeccable and are sure to leave you satisfied in this regard. We have what it takes to look after your property and to find the right tenants for it.

Renting a Luxury Home

If you are looking to rent a luxury home in Washington, DC, you can also depend on us to find the perfect fit for you. We will take your needs into account to broker the best deal for you when you need it. Renting a luxury home is already expensive; we will ensure that you won’t have to pay more.

You are in Good hands with The DC Team at Long & Foster

With The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate, you are in safe hands. The value we have on offer is a steal! It is one which you cannot afford to miss!

Luxury Property Opportunities That You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Our team of real estate agents at The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate has the expertise and experience to help you navigate this course. Our specialization in the Washington, DC market makes us the perfect fit for you.

Why The DC Team at Long & Foster?

The stakes involved in the luxury property market are usually high. You’re paying a substantial amount to buy a luxury home. It is, therefore, important that you cover all bases that relate to your finances. You might be in a position where you either pay in cash or apply for a home loan. It is possible that the right decision is to take a loan, depending on the circumstances. However, in many cases, cash purchase is mostly preferred.

Apart from our firm understanding of the prevailing tax laws in our area, we also have access to a wealth of contacts who can help make the entire transaction involved in your purchase smooth and stress-free. This includes experienced accountants, trustworthy financial advisors, and lawyers who understand property law and local tax laws.

Again, the reason for building this team of professionals around you is to make sure that you master the situation, and no stone is left unturned. This is why you need us! We will take our time to ensure that you understand everything to do with the finances of purchasing luxury homes before you go ahead with the deal.

The status of any location where you’re buying the luxury home is a major part of the whole transaction. The price that you will pay for the luxury home is influenced by the ‘value’ of that area as a whole. This is why you need as much information as you can get about that area.

Having us on your side means that you will not have to spend your time researching to understand the city more if you don’t live in DC or know enough about the place. We have already done that and are still doing that daily for you. We continuously carry out a comparative market analysis involving homes of comparable prices and features.

We know about new developments and the future, especially if there’s a massive view ahead of the property. Would there be future developments which include high rise building which could block the view?

With us handling things on your end, you won’t go into your search for a house with any doubts in your mind.

When you’re buying a house according to what suits you at the moment, don’t forget that you could put the property up for sale again in the future. So, whatever finishes that you’re adding to it presently, you must consider that there could be a future buyer, and it might not appeal to them. Even if it takes the next generation to have a new buyer, always think of what the house will worth for the next person.

With our wealth of experience, we can tell you what to expect for your property in the future, what to do and what not to do to ensure that you can still make a killing when or if you decide to cash in on it at a later time.

With us working for you, you stand to enjoy the following

With our experienced real estate agents at The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate, those fears will be allayed. We know that even though the luxury property market in Washington, DC is exclusive, it is still very competitive. This is why we do not hold back when it comes to our clients’ interests.

The Right Balance in Price

It can be tricky to set the right price for a house. If you overprice the house, you might not get buyers; and if you under price it, you won’t get the value you should from it. You have to settle for a middle ground with your Washington, DC luxury realtor so that you get a good value for the house and remain competitive without overpricing buyers from it.

This is another reason why you need an experienced real estate agent to work with you. Our agents at The DC Team at Long & Foster Real Estate will help you settle on the right price at which to list that house.

Excellent Marketing

The luxury property market doesn’t work the same way as the regular real estate market, so it won’t be enough to list your property online. Your potential buyers won’t check the regular places before buying a house.

So, it would be best if you focused your marketing efforts in the right place. You need to spend some money to make more. Therefore, there is the need to invest in professional photography and staging the house and pay to feature highly rated printed marketing materials.

Who better to oversee this aspect for you other than our dedicated agents?

Our Real Estate Experts

No need to search futher.  Find realtors that understand how the luxury market works generally and how it works in Washington, DC.

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