3 Tips for Staging Your Home

An eloquently staged dining and kitchen area.

Properly staging your home can help you sell it faster and get you the price you deserve. In today’s blog, we will discuss three tips for staging your home that our team has learned over the years. The DC Team has years of experience selling homes in Washington, DC and we can help you sell your home when you are ready.

Focusing on the Details Can Go a Long Way

When you begin staging your home, it will help to have an overarching plan to guide you. That said, it is crucial to consider many of the details that often go missed while staging a home. This ranges between everything from minor repairs to decluttering tables and bookshelves.

By focusing on the little details, you get the chance to show buyers how much you care for your home. Perhaps a fireplace screen or a window screen have a few tears. These are small details that are relatively affordable to fix and they go a long way toward helping you make a good impression on potential buyers.

Before staging your home, walk through your home and pay attention to the often-missed details that you can fix. Make a note of all the locations with chipped paint, too much clutter, and ignored dirt. Take some time to repair the quirks of your house that you have simply accepted. This little investment can help show buyers that your home is in great condition.

Make Rooms Feel Bigger

One well-known key to home staging is making rooms feel bigger. When a seller puts some thought into making the rooms of their house feel bigger, they give buyers a better chance to imagine themselves making the house into their own home. Houses with more space are usually more valuable, so an essential part of staging is showing off the space in your home.

Over the years you have owned your home, you have most likely accumulated furniture and items that helped make your house feel cozy and more like a home. To get the most out of staging, you should remove many of these items. Allow the rooms of your house to speak for themselves by removing furniture, excess items, and using curtains that allow natural light in.

Spend Most of Your Time Working On the Important Rooms

Sometimes, your work spent staging one or two rooms can help close a sale. Buyers tend to care most about a few rooms in the house; it is crucial that these rooms look splendid. Many buyers care most about the main living space, the kitchen, and the house’s master bedroom. By spending the majority of your time staging these areas, you show buyers that the areas they care most about are in excellent shape.

Take some extra time to ensure that these three areas of your home look the best they can. Clean all cracks and crevices, remove personal items, and allow these rooms to feel more spacious. When you stage a home, your primary goal is to give a buyer a better idea of what they could do with your house. Don’t limit the number of possibilities that come to their mind by leaving a room cluttered or unclean.

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