Is McLean, Virginia, a Good Place to Live In?

McLean is an unincorporated community in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia, located just a few miles west of Washington, DC. The city is home to many influential people, from diplomats to military members of Congress, to senators to agents of the Central Intelligence Agency, due to its closeness to the country’s capital. The city was named after its founder John Roll McLean, the owner of the Washington post in the early 1900s. He founded McLean on a grant to build homes. Many historic homes from that era are still present, giving the city a distinctly classic feel. In today’s article, we are discussing the different aspects of McLean, VA, real estate.

Population & Demographics

McLean has a population of 47,075 distributed evenly over the city’s 24.8 miles. The distribution rate is 1900 people per square mile. The median age in the city is 46.3, which is 25% higher than the average for Virginia, 38.1. The median household income is $207,184 compared to the national average of $62,843, according to Niche.

The city is relatively homogenous racially, with 73% of the population being Caucasian. It also has a significant Asian population of 10% of McLean’s population. McLean’s zip codes are 22101 and 22102, and the area codes are 703 and 571. McLean is home to Washington DC’s diplomats, politicians, and government workers.

The crime rates in McLean are 69% lower than the national average. The violent crime rates are 77% lower, and the property crime rate is 67% lower than the national average. So, if you want to move to McLean, you and your family will be safe.

Cost of Living

As you would imagine, the cost of living is significantly higher for a city that homes senior people. The cost of living in McLean is 103% more expensive than the US national average. As you would expect, housing in the city is also quite expensive. The average unit price for a real estate property in McLean, VA, is $1,031,200, and the median monthly rent is $3,065, according to Niche. You can also expect to pay more than the national average for other purchases in McLean, including utilities, groceries, and transportation.

It is no doubt that McLean is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, but that cost comes with great benefits. And that is, you will be living in the most luxurious neighborhoods in the country.

Schools and Colleges

According to Niche, McLean ranks fourth in places with the best Public Schools in Virginia. McLean has a prestigious student base. All the schools have a rating of more than 8/10. Your child will likely succeed in McLean with great schools like Cooper Middle School and Langley High School. You also have the University of the District of Columbia within ten minutes for higher education and the public 2-year Northern Community College.


McLean is located right on the coast of Virginia. It experiences a lot of rain but relatively little snow. In the winter months, you can expect lows of 25 degrees and highs of 86 degrees in the summer months. McLean experiences more rainfall than the rest of the United States, which is 44 inches compared to the national average of 38.1 inches. McLean experiences less snow than the average, with 20 inches compared to 28. McLean experiences the best weather in September and May.


McLean has plenty of options for neighborhoods and communities to associate yourself with. Each neighborhood has McLean’s signature class and style despite the area you choose. There are ten prominent neighborhoods in McLean, all of which have distinct feels and communities. The western Belleview neighborhood is the most expensive neighborhood, which is also the largest. Langley Forest comes in second in terms of cost across the bridge from Bethesda and Washington. Lewisville Heights, located in McLean’s southernmost neighborhood, takes the place of the most affordable area in the town. McLean has attracted many real estate agents, including The DC Team at Long & Foster.


If you plan to move to McLean, you will be pleased to know that wages have increased in the last few years. The most popular employment positions are Software Engineer, Intelligence Analyst, and Project Manager. The average salary in McLean is $85k a year, while the average hourly wage is $22.63. If you are considering relocating to McLean, government positions, especially those relating to the intelligence community and finance, are your best bet for making a living in McLean.

What Can You Do in McLean?

McLean is located right in the country’s capital; hence there are plenty of business opportunities, excellent shopping opportunities, and attractions. McLean has perfect shopping centers like Tysons Galleria and Tysons Corner Centre. The Clemyjontri Park in McLean provides a unique play space for children of all abilities. So, you are sure that McLean is family-friendly. Scotts Run is among the few preserves in Fairfax County, with an excellent trail right in the middle of McLean. Scotts Rus will clear your head and brighten your day with its outstanding natural beauty.

Are There Any Downsides to Living in McLean?

McLean is obviously a wealthy community with various restaurants and amenities and excellent public schools. However, there is no strong sense of community living because McLean is yet to be more pedestrian-friendly. It might not be an exciting place for young adults, but it can be excellent for older folks.

Are You Ready to Move to McLean?

After considering all the above factors, McLean is a good place to live. Besides the cost of living, McLean is an excellent place to live. The city has the best school public schools, great neighborhoods, and is well diversified. If you want to move to McLean, VA, talk to The DC Team today, and let us get started on the property search. With our team, you will surely get the most luxurious and classy home in McLean. You can best bet you will work with the finest real estate team in McLean, VA.

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