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Luxury Home in DC

Top Five Must-Have Features for a Luxury Home in DC

From the Neoclassical architectural buildings on Capitol Hill to the aesthetic homes inspired by designs from ancient Roman and Egyptian civilization, the city of Washington, DC features majestic homes toured by grand boulevards and picturesque views. But even with all these magnificent designs and alluring overtones cascading throughout the city, most DC homes are far from being classified as luxury...

lovely Houses near Lake Forest Park

5 lovely Houses near Lake Forest Park

The real estate industry is highly illustrious. Time and again, people seek a befitting place to call theirs, whether for pleasure, business, or other purposes. Whether a 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-bed lovely apartment, or an acre lot, you can get your own desired and dream home in the suburban city located in King County, Washington. The large concentration of the region/city in a single location, without...

Washington's Million Dollar Homes

Who Is Living in Washington’s Million Dollar Homes?

Washington, DC has long been the central point for those seeking power and influence in the U.S., and to go along with their grand ambitions, large and extravagant homes have been built. Over the years, the houses have changed hands, and now they belong to politicians and actors who've come to the nation's capital to develop their dream. With home prices around the country's skyrocketing, knowing who...

Luxury Apartments

Luxury Apartments Are Here To Change The Real Estate Market

We are at that time again, where the luxury real estate market in Washington, DC, is booming and isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon. So if you are in the market for hot luxury apartments, I guess this is the time to start putting your dollars to work. Washington DC is opening its doors to interested investors with the latest commercial property listings for both old and new areas. The...

Golf Course Homes

Golf Course Homes are The Newest Trend in 2021

Just over a year ago, owners of golf course homes were worried about the appeal of their property to home buyers. Sales of golf community homes were downward as interest in the sport waned over the years. Then the pandemic came, and everything changed. Residential golf property returned to buyers' radar after years of poor sales, causing the price of golf course homes to skyrocket in 2021. What's...

Luxury Homes Near A Golf Course

Top 5 Luxury Homes Near A Golf Course

In recent times, we have witnessed these big wigs build their hobby around their lives, and that includes where they live, as in bird watchers building a comfortable treehouse in the forest and bushes, fishers building some Stilt houses nearby their favorite river. The same applies to golf fans; these people (mostly "money bags") find it convenient to either build or rent their houses close to the golf...

Luxury Apartments the Next Normal

Are Luxury Apartments the Next Normal in the Washington, DC Area?

Washington, DC is a big shot when it comes to housing. Its luxury condominiums and rooftops spark exciting reactions. No doubt, it has some fancy countertops, modernized walls, fascinating reserves, and recreational parks. Many would think all these are the primary cause for the inflation of house pricing. Does that make luxury apartments the next normal in this region? If yes, what are the reasons?...

COVID-19 has Stir Up Washington, DC's Luxury Real Estate Market

COVID-19 has Stir Up Washington, DC’s Luxury Real Estate Market

In early 2020, if you had asked anyone to predict the near future of the real estate market, very few experts could have predicted a resurgence of this magnitude. Sales in the sector have not only reached pre-covid levels but also exceeded them. More surprising is that the luxury real estate market has led to a resurgence, with the demand for luxury homes in suburban, urban, and country areas going up...

Luxury Properties in Washington, DC

The Future Development of Luxury Properties in Washington, DC

The quick changes and growth in Washington DC’s population within the past few years have not reduced the intensity of the competition in the real estate industry. Even with the many luxury homes in this part of the US, there’s always a high-end competition between developers who can offer the most enticing perks for would-be residents.  Occupants already have certain...

Exquisite Properties in Washington DC

5 Reasons Why Washington, DC is the Best Place to Invest in Exquisite Properties

Washington, DC is a beautiful city home to several high-tech companies, businesses, and organizations. Its real estate value is increasing at a high rate, and more people are seeking accommodation in the city and its suburbs than the space available. Therefore, if you're looking for the best city to invest in exquisite properties, here are some reasons to consider Washington, DC Here are 5 Reasons...

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