How to Add Value to Your Home Before Selling in DC Metro


Do you want to put up your Washington, DC, luxury real estate for sale? Then you must add value to it before selling it.

In 2018, the survey by Homeowner Protection Survey by Chubb found that over 58 percent of the participants wanted to renovate or improve their homes within the following year. Around 65 percent of these planned to spend over $10k, while another 20 percent would spend up to $40k.

Real estate is going strong even today. The only way for your house to stand out is to increase its value.

That way, you can get good proposals and sell them fast. Here are eight ways to add value to your home before selling in DC Metro.

1. Upgrade the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Upgrading the kitchen will add value to your home instantly.

Start by choosing robust kitchen designs, as these are currently trending. Choose the best materials for cabinetry to avoid wearing and tearing in a few months.

Upgrade your kitchen appliances too. Ensure the devices match so that the kitchen can look modern and sleek. Overlook your preferences and choose colors that most home buyers are looking for.

For example, stainless steel is appealing, and anyone is likely to love it. So, ensure the kitchen appliances have a stainless steel finish.

Remember to upgrade countertops, sinks, and floors. Ideally, touch every area in the kitchen so that one part does not look new while another looks outdated.

2. Upgrade the Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the rooms that increase a home`s value exponentially. There are two ways of upgrading bathrooms. You can choose DIY options or use higher-priced options.

You might need to use both options. DIY options include installing new towel rails, hanging clean white towels, adding a fancy toilet roll holder, and adding countertop accessories such as a soap dish, candles, and small flower pots.

These small improvements can increase your home’s value even if they cost you a few dollars. However, you should also consider that your bathroom might need major upgrades. For example, if your existing cabinets look old or worn down. you can replace them with floating bathroom countertops.

Consider laying a new floor if the previous is not up to the standards. These huge improvements may cost a lot of money, but they increase your home’s value.

3. Work on Storage Space

If there is anything that 2020 has taught you, it is that you need extra storage for toiletry, food, and other supplies. You needed to purchase almost everything in bulk to avoid returning to public spaces every now and then.

This has not changed in 2022. Buyers are still considering storage spaces in a home before buying.

There are several storage spaces you should add to your home to increase its value. First, ensure there is a pantry. Then, ensure there are enough cabinets below and above the countertops.

Add a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. It would help to have extra storage for living supplies, including paper towels and others.

4. Add a Dedicated Home Office

Another thing that 2020 might have taught you is that you can work from home. A significant number of people did not return to work after 2020. They prefer to work from home and report to work once a week or a few times a month.

Yet, most homes lack a dedicated home office. This leaves most people working in random places around the house, trying to find the spot that enhances productivity.

Having a dedicated home office appeals to more home buyers. Design the area to make it aesthetically appealing so that the homeowners can comfortably sign up for a Zoom call without worrying about their environment. Make it comfortable and conducive to work.

5. Add a Wellness Space

More home buyers are requesting a wellness space. This provides them with the privacy they desire and a convenient place to meet their daily workout needs.

If you are thinking of adding a wellness space, you could include a gym area and a yoga space. That way, the whole family can use the respective space per their preferences. When it comes to equipping the gym, ensure the equipment is of high quality.

Do not forget the aesthetic quality. Choose the right colors to paint the room.

6. Brush up on Architectural Details

Adding architectural details makes a home look more customized. Usually, people want a unique-looking house that serves the purpose.

The best way to brush up on architectural details is by making the house’s interior timeless. For example, you can have natural hardwood floors.

Add a stylish ceiling fan. Ideally, look for ways to make the home more comfortable without compromising design, functionality, and aesthetics. Consider working with an expert on this.

7. Make the Home Energy Efficient

Have you seen the latest energy bills? It is scary how much you have to pay every month for them.

Installing solar panels is a good start to making your home more energy-efficient. However, most people feel having solar energy would not increase a home’s value.

The other thing you can do is install LED light bulbs. This will cost you less while improving the value of the real estate for sale.

Lastly, choose energy-efficient appliances. This will reduce energy bills for the new homeowner, which is an appealing factor.

8. List Your Home With the Right Real Estate Agent

The Washington, DC, real estate market is highly competitive. Even after adding value to your house, it might take longer to sell it.

Listing your house with the right agent helps. Who is the best real estate agent?

The best agent is the one that understands the value of your house and the market it is in. Listing with the wrong agent can decrease your house’s value.

For example, if an agent is known to sell expensive luxurious houses, high-end clients flock to them. So, listing with such an agent potentially increases your home value.

List your Washington, DC, Luxury Real Estate For Sale with The DC Team

Adding value to your house by implementing the above tips makes you eligible to list your house for sale with the best real estate agents. At The DC Team, we facilitate the buying and selling of luxury properties in Washington, DC. Call us at (301) 907-7600 to sell a house in one of the most affluent destinations.

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