5 Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Washington DC Real Estate

Washington DC Real Estate

The capital of the United States of America, Washington, DC, is a seller’s market. However, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive an offer when you put your house on the market for sale. These days, house buyers in the District of Columbia are searching for certain features, such as appealing outdoor space, convenient access to transit, an urban environment, and a clean and neutral design.

1. It’s all about the city.

Real estate in the urban center of the District is most likely to sell fast. People want to live in the city. Empty nesters are relocating from the suburbs and settling to urban areas. Young adults, too, are seeking to move to cities. “Having children and moving to the suburbs is no longer the norm.”

2. Walkability is a major selling factor.

If your property is close to a Metro station or other kind of public transportation, mention it; it’s a desirable quality among District buyers. “At present, walkable urban areas are appealing.”
An effortless commute is critical in a career-driven city like the District of Columbia. When a property is near good public transportation, it is more likely to do well than those in the suburbs. Suburban hubs outside the District of Columbia, like Arlington, Virginia, Maryland’s Bethesda, and Rockville, are growing in popularity due to their walkability and closeness to public transportation.

3. Make the most of the beautiful outdoors.

According to experts, outdoor areas in DC are becoming an extension of the home. People in this region buy portable gas fire pits or natural wood-burning fire pits. They use their outside space throughout the year, even sitting outside in the early winter. These areas don’t have to be large; they only need to be big enough to include a few comfy seats and, depending on the season, a few gas heaters for the patio.

Formal living rooms are no longer popular. People desire large, spacious spaces, open floor layouts, and natural light.

4. Earth tones are no longer the norm.

About fifteen years ago, that was the vogue. Real estate experts in the Washington District of Columbia claim that now is the time for cooler colors and grays. In addition, simplicity now matters more than before. The more open a place is, the easier it is for individuals to imagine their belongings in it. It’s the concept of “less is more.” Restoration Hardware’s style is trendy right now. All buyers or investors quite appreciate the interior area that is very clean and basic.

According to experts, kitchens in whites or extremely light hues are favored right now, while wood flooring is leaning toward deeper tones.

5. Their eye for design eye is getting better.

Many District houses have eclectic art items on their neutral-toned walls. Buying artworks from local artists in areas like U Street or Capitol Hill or renditions of a district map is common these days. A layout of the metro rail system or perhaps an oil painting of the DC capital star is a collector’s item for some people relocating to the city from other country areas.

People living in the area have acquired a strong sense of design. DC is used to be a stodgy city with decor that wasn’t very varied or unique. However, that is changing already. Decor, furniture, and art are becoming increasingly popular. And this is happening at the same time as D.C. is developing its own identity as a city.

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