Top Five Must-Have Features for a Luxury Home in DC

Luxury Home in DC

From the Neoclassical architectural buildings on Capitol Hill to the aesthetic homes inspired by designs from ancient Roman and Egyptian civilization, the city of Washington, DC features majestic homes toured by grand boulevards and picturesque views. But even with all these magnificent designs and alluring overtones cascading throughout the city, most DC homes are far from being classified as luxury homes.

We’ve put together a list of the top five features that every DC luxury home should have, owing to the growing demand for opulence homes and the desire for a pleasant environment suited to each homeowner’s personality. And although features such as spectacular vistas and outstanding locations are well-known to most people, other vital components that distinguish a luxury home in Washington, DC include:

  • Grand Spaces: Nothing speaks luxury like open floor plans, spacious rooms, and high ceilings. These features give the home a sense of ambiance while also providing the owner with enough space to move about and work. Moreover, open spaces allow for visual continuity, which is integral for creativity and inspirational tasks.
  • State of the art kitchen: The Kitchen is the heart of a home. If there’s one thing that all Luxury homes in DC have in common, it’s a state-of-the-art Kitchen. The kitchen should be equipped with cutting-edge culinary equipment and an ergonomic design to make food preparation easier.
  • Smart Technology: In the early 1990s, this wouldn’t have made the list of top ten features of any luxury home, much alone the top five. However, with our growing dependence on technology and the convenience and comfort it provides to a home, it’s no surprise that modern luxury homes are now equipped with smart gadgets and appliances. Smart devices have dramatically improved our quality of life in the last two decades, providing us with a plethora of capabilities that we couldn’t have imagined 20 years ago. From remote-controlled gates and artwork, as seen in Bill Gates’ Home, to smart lights, doors, and windows, technology sits at the intersection of luxury homes and ordinary contemporary ones. Furthermore, thanks to cutting-edge innovations, these features can be integrated and concealed unobtrusively within the house without drawing attention to its presence.
  • Utility and leisure rooms: Bedrooms and Bathrooms are essential to a home, no doubt, but a luxury home needs its own mix of utility and leisure rooms to be worthy of the name luxury. Extras like game and theatre rooms serve as an entertainment center for homeowners, while wine cellars, ski rooms, gyms, and pools give the home a touch of elegance.
  • Exclusive Décor: You can’t have a luxury home with furniture from IKEA or, even worse, one of those trending decorations seen all over houses in the neighborhood. The importance of home décor to a luxury home is its exclusivity. The artwork and design of a luxury home should be limited and tailored to the owner’s taste. The fabric furniture should have airy colors with an elegant and cozy feel that promotes instant relaxation.

The importance of having a luxurious home in DC that depicts your personality cannot be overemphasized. Whether you’re building from the ground up or converting an existing property, The DC Team can help you transform your living space into a pleasant, luxurious home fit for a king.

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