Places to Shape Up Around Town

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Places to Shape Up Around Town

Most of us were forced to improvise and develop new ways to keep fit, especially during the locked down. Some had no choice but to turn their living room into a workout zone.

Now that cities are in the phase of reopening, and most folks are already back to their usual busy daily activities, health and fitness remain an important aspect of many people’s schedules. Even though there are requirements like separation into small groups and six feet distances between participants, Washington, DC offers several local gyms and fitness studios.

People living in Washington, DC understand the reputation for networking, politics, and fast-paced life. The city. is a gorgeous place known to bring together thousands of individuals seeking to accomplish their ambition. But even with all the diversity, fitness is still a major activity in DC There are hundreds of places to shape up, from gyms to yoga spots and dance halls.

So whether you have always been a regular gym-goer or are developing or renewing interest in shaking up the daily grind and getting in a workout, the city has something for everyone.

Here are the top picks for the places to shape up in Washington, DC

National Mall

Not only is the mall an excellent location for tourist attractions, but it’s also a perfect recreation spot. There are great workout options like biking, walking, or running between the monuments while enjoying the view. You can also opt for other body training exercises like push-ups, core routines, or Tabata.

Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is the right place to go for hiking and trailing. There are dozens of wooden trails here, so you can run or hike to fit your desired workout. However, ensure you have a trail map, enough water, and supplies.

Z Sweat Dance and Fitness

If you like your fitness with enough fun to keep you going, you should be interested in Zumba. Z Sweat offers top-level energetic and fun-filled Zumba classes. Based on workout principles that are easy to do, the routines combine rhythm and dance fusion. Here you get to keep fit as you experience the amazing feel of the best Latin American-inspired dance moves.


For full-body workouts and high-intensity strength training, you need a place where the lights are low, and the music is loud. Head straight to Solidcore. They offer classes for all fitness levels that can be amplified or modified based on your goal.

Zweet Sport Hot Yoga

After every tough week, it’s important to find means to challenge, awaken, and detoxify every system, muscle, and tissue of your body. Zweet Sport is an excellent place for hot power flow classes appropriate for every level. The practice focuses on guiding and conditioning the mind and body towards greater awareness, transformation, and empowerment.

Primal Fitness

Forget your usual workout expectation – Primal fitness takes the practice miles higher. They coach CrossFit workouts based on functional movements that combine the core movements of life, including the best aspects of running, rowing, weightlifting, gymnastics, and much more. These CrossFit movements are performed at high intensity, which involves moving large loads through long distances for maximum work done within the shortest time.

Epic interval training

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, there are kettlebells at Epic interval training to keep you going. Here you get to experience standard total weight training classes aimed at developing athletic strength and power. You have options of outcomes to choose from. By going for lighter weight, you can tone your look to your desires or step up the weight to put on muscles and build overall strength.

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