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Washington, DC has some fantastic spots to help you get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Thanks to its fantastic nightlife, food, and arts, DC is a destination you’re always going to remember. If you’re planning to visit DC, you’re in the right place. Because in this article, we’ll be showing you the top relaxing DC hotspots.

1. Thompson Boat Center

If you love water bodies, then you should consider going kayaking at the Thompson Boat Center. They offer kayak, canoe, and paddleboard rentals and also lessons for beginners. It is located on the Capitol Riverfront. Plus, you enjoy the amazing view of the Kennedy Center, which adds extra life to your experience. 

2. United States Botanic Garden

Established in 1820, the United States Botanic Garden is the oldest operating botanic garden in the U.S. If you’re a lover of plants, and well, amazing scenery, then this is a great destination. With over 4,000 flourishing tropical and subtropical, seasonal plants and birdsong-filled terrain, you can take the whole day to relax with the family. What’s more, is, you can enjoy the water splashes from the Alhambra-style fountain with ambient music. Plus the many exhibits the Botanic Garden offers

3. Georgetown Waterfront Park

Looking for a bit of heaven on earth? Then you shouldn’t overlook the Georgetown Waterfront park thanks to its alluring scenery. Stretching along the Potomac River banks from 31st Street, NW, down to the Key Bridge, Georgetown Waterfront Park was completed in 2011. 

The beautiful fountain, charming rain gardens, the labyrinth, etc., are notable design elements that help visitors relax and enter a realm where they no longer remember their worries; instead, they find peace of mind. To maximize your visit, you can explore the pollinator garden, rain garden, river steps, and pergola. It’s one destination you won’t forget so quickly

4. C&O Canal Towpath

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park is another excellent place to visit. The park stands out not only because of the history it preserves but the many attractions it has. You can explore different park areas with waterways, geological formations, natural communities, and a wide range of ecosystems. 

What’s more, is how much variety this location offers you. In the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, you fish, camp, set up your own fires, and also enjoy picnics with your loved ones. 

5. Dumbarton House

This is one location that’s perfect for relaxing and blowing off steam. It’s a museum that was built in 1799 and holds a lot of history. 

Many people use it for weddings and other events because of its vintage feel. If you’re a lover of history and exploration, then the Dumbarton house is perfect to relax and get educated. Plus, the views are amazing for photography.

Washington, DC has tons of amazing locations that suit your personality. Whether you prefer camping, fishing, swimming, exploration or you just want somewhere peaceful, DC has got it all. One thing about this calm presidential city is that it allows you to disappear, which we all need from time to time. 

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